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Join us to celebrate our HEROES ! Community Leaders, Past and Present Board Members of African-Australian Community Organizations, Distinguished Members of our Communities and Foremost organizations supporting the African Communities in South Australia.

Who should you nominate?

You may nominate the most influential African Australians in South Australia including:
  • Living Legend

  • Superstars and Celebrities

  • Icons —including  but not limited to:
    • Sports Heroes;
    • Outstanding Community Organizations, Board members, Leaders or Members;
    • Captains of Industry and Entrepreneurs;
    • Professionals, Academics and Scientists "extraordinaire";  and among others

You may also nominate:

  • Leading Australian Organizations, Businesses and Individuals that provide support to the African Community in South Australia.
  • Political leaders that had or are actively promoting Africa-Australia engagements.

See profiles of  Iconic African-Australians and Friends of Africa in South Australia. More profiles are being uploaded.