Friends of Africa

On this page, we are showcasing Australian organizations, businesses and individuals providing wonderful services and assistance to African Australians in South Australia. Feel free to send logos, pictures and profiles of those you know. Thank you

Friend of Africa
Eugenia Tsoulis OAM
Eugenia Tsoulis OAM as CEO of the Migrant Resource Centre of SA has been responsible for ensuring programs, events and the type of governance that has supported the empowerment of African people arriving as migrants and refugees in South Australia.
She has mentored and provided leadership training for African young people, men and women, who have now entered the arts, sports, the public sector and other careers, as well as public life .
In 1998 she convened the first African Forum to establish the African Communities Council of SA (ACCSA) and has been an Ex officio member of the Board of the ACCSA ever since.
In 2009 Eugenia was the only service provider representative to be invited to join the Australian Human Rights Commission, African Australians Project which conducted critical research and review of the status of African Australians.
She has driven the positive marketing of Africans through a number of arts projects and events, has conducted African forums to support the input of African people and as importantly has been a driver for African communities to establish, develop and determine their own governance, and engagement with the rest of the Australian community.
In 2011 she was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Lieutenant Governor of South Australia for her services to the African Communities Council SA and was also made a life member of the Council for her ongoing, outstanding assistance and support of the ACCSA to improve the empowerment of Africans in South Australia.
Further, Eugenia  was awarded Governor's Multicultural Awards 2012 for Outstanding Individual Achievements at the Government House in South Australia.

The Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia (MRCSA)  was established in 1979 and became an independent entity in 1983. Since the early 1990s it has worked with African migrants
d especially those of refugee background to assist them to develop and establish their communities, and to participate in the South Australian community.

In 1998 at the request of the small and diverse African  community groups of that time, it organised the first Residential African Forum to bring African communities and their leadership together to develop strategies for their future participation and empowerment. This forum established the African Communities Council of SA, currently the umbrella organisation for over 40 African community organisations. The MRCSA provided governance advice and administrative support and assisted the Council to gain their first year’s funding.

Since the 1998  the MRCSA  has worked in partnership with ACCSA and with all the African communities who arrived in South Australia over the past 20 years to assist them with entry points into sport and recreation, organising the first Multicultural Soccer Carnivals, the first and subsequent  annual African Festivals as well as a number of ground breaking events to highlight African people's cultural contributions –highlighted by the Jambo Africa Project which connected African performers to mainstream arts,  and events such as  the Sudan Concert, followed by the African Journey both performed at the Adelaide Festival Centre to audiences of thousands.


In partnership with the African Communities Council, African youth and women’s groups as well as community organisations, the MRCSA organised the first African Speak Out in 2008. The subsequent report has been a blue print for service development and delivery as well as community participation.


The MRCSA has as members, over 30 African organisations who are also represented by ACCSA on the MRCSA Board.  MRCSA programs depend on its multicultural workforce, including 12 African staff and over 100 African volunteers.

In 2011, on the 10th Anniversary of the African Communities Council of SA, the MRCSA was honoured to be a recipient of the ACCSA Award for
Ongoing outstanding assistance, support and partnership to the African Communities Council of SA to improve the well being, empowerment, self determination and full participation of Africans in South Australia


MAGAZINE encapsulates and celebrates the essence of the African Communities in Australia. The magazine is all about people and events. It is a blueprint for all things African and captures the heart and soul of African people
 For more information about Change Magazine click here

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Libby Hogarth – Australian Migration Options

Australian Migration Options and its Director Mrs Libby Hogarth is the largest and one of the most experienced migration consultancy companies in Adelaide with over 18 years of experience in the industry.


Libby started her work in migration after she and her husband Jonathan returned from 6 years work in Tanzania. Their love of the East African people and culture left them with a strong desire to continue working cross culturally and the opportunity arose through refugee settlement work with the Australian Refugee Association.

In 1992 Libby was appointed as migration agent/casemanager for the Refugee Advice and Assistance Scheme and then later became manager of the Australian Refugee Association Migration Services. She opened her private business in 1996 but continued to also manage the ARA services until 2005. In 2009 her private business “Libby Hogarth & Associates” changed name to “Australian Migration Options” and became a company and has now grown from being a sole trader to a business across  4 states (Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney) with 15 employed migration agents and 9 administrative staff.

When Jonathan and Libby first returned to Australia from Tanzania there was only a very small African community in Adelaide and they were in danger of losing their swahili language skills until the Burundians started to arrive! They have enjoyed watching the growth of the African communities from all African nations and the company has assisted clients from all over Africa: Egyptians, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Sudanese, Kenyans, Tanzanians, Burundians, Congolese, Rwandese, Sth Africans, Ghanians, Nigerians, Sierra Leoneans, Liberians, Moroccans, Algerians and Libyans!

Australian Migration Options has a strong ethical base and believes that people from all walks of life should be able to access professional and high quality migration advice and assistance. It is proud to hold Government Contracts under the Immigration Advice and Assistance Scheme which enables the company to provide professional assistance free of charge to the more vulnerable people in the community.

As part of its corporate social responsibility the company supports several organisations including Anglicare, TEAR Australia and Partners International.

Australian Migration Options looks forward to continued partnership with  African communities around Australia and offers its professional and experienced services to Africans wanting to sponsor family members, and to employers needing skilled migrants for businesses in Australia.




The aim of African Junction is to provide a one stop location where African and African related businesses can be showcased and found in Australia. Its goal is to make African Junction the most extensive resource for the consumers, providers, suppliers and lovers of African goods and services Australia-wide.

African Junction is different to other online business directory destinations. It is targeted as it only promotes African and African related businesses in Australia.

African Junction's vision is to see its e-showroom become a household name in Australia for one location where African and African related goods and services can be found.
Man Actually Needs Enjoyable Time (Manet Radio) is the first privately owned 24/7 African internet radio station in South Australia.

 The African StudiesAssociation of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP) was founded in 1978.

The aims and objectives of AFSAAP are -

  • to promote research and teaching of African Studies in Australia and the Pacific.
  • to facilitate contact among scholars and students in the field of African Studies through conferences, regional meetings, and publications.
  • to coordinate African Studies programs and the acquisition of African materials by Australian and Pacific libraries.
  • to serve as the professional body representing Africanists' interests to governments and the community.
  • to contribute towards an understanding of Africa in the community at large.
  • and to establish contact with African universities and scholars, other overseas scholars and African Studies associations, and to promote interchanges with them.
Friend of Africa

AFSAAP President

Dr. Tanya Lyons
School of International Studies, Flinders University.


The Multicultural Communities Council of SA is the peak organisation that efficiently services, innovatively empowers and strongly advocates for cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in South Australia. Among MCCSA’s programs for the African Australian Community include the “Transition Through the Arts” project. Through this project,  recently arrived youth from West and Central African countries participate in an artistic development and performance program to provide them with the skills, experience, networks and pathways to pursue education and employment opportunities in the music industry.

The Multicultural Youth South Australia Inc (MYSA) works in supporting new arrival refugee and migrant young people from Africa. It has supported many African young people to be the best that they can be through individual intensive support, group work, leadership and community events like the MY Music and Culture Festival.  These events helps African young people  deal with the complexity of re-settling into a new country.

African Community Council SA Inc is the peak African Australian organization in South Australia assisting in settlement services, helping old and new arrivals to:
  • Negotiate and engage with the systems and institutions of their new environment
  • Link with services and supports in the broader community
  • Develop capacity to achieve their aspirations and contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of South Australia
  • Support the broader community to participate in the engagement and integration of new arrivals



Be a caring and inclusive community.  Through diverse activities, voluntary or otherwise, ACOSA community members will be able to live in harmony with the wider community, mindful of the responsibilities that come with such opportunities of living in a country like Australia. ACOSA members  aim to raise their children to be respectful to others particularly the elderly and without forgetting their origin losing their identity.


The African Community Organisation of South Australia is an umbrella organisation for all African communities in South Australia. Its mission is to provide an exceptional service to all, Africans and non-Africans that enhance multiculturalism.

Among our many achievements, include:

  • First African computer centre in Kilburn community Centre.
  • Conducted artists school workshops for 13 years in a row covering 35,000 students from schools as far as Victor Habour to Whyalla
  • Helped the release of 2 Africans from detention centre to be released to the community (now living in Australia).
  • Advocating for members of our community who found themselves on the wrong side of the law both federally as well as state.
  • Planting the first trees in the southern Hemisphere at 6 am, January 1st 2000 (the plague tells all).

“Members of the African Community Organisation under the Presidency of David Malinda planted the two fig trees on 1st January 2000 at 6.00am. The West Torrens Council nurtured the young trees until they established themselves.

The fig trees symbolises long lasting friendship between Africa and Australia and marks the recognition of Africans of the importance of trees in the environment. Elders in Africa pray under fig trees to alleviate all sorts of suffering and are a sign of prosperity”.

Seen here are, the Major of West Torrens His Worship John Trainer and ACOSA President, David Malinda about to unveil the plague. The picture following below is the plague itself.

This picture below shows diverse community at the ceremony of unveiling the plague. Two of out distinguished guests are Mr Lewis O’Brien Kauna Elder and Hon. Steve Georgianas MP Member for Hindmarsh. Others  in the picture come as far as South America, Africa and Australia.


ACOSA African Twilight Market - Purpose, Vision and Objectives

PURPOSE: To establish and conduct a micro-enterprise African Market in the Prospect Plaza during day-light saving months that will become self-sustaining. This will provide an opportunity for the African communities of SA to build self reliance, gain employment, develop business skills and generate income. The socially innovative market will showcase the African cultures and utilize the current skills and resources of the African communities. The market will also offer the wider community a ‘taste of Africa’, and in so doing provide an opportunity for connection, integration and partnerships between communities.

VISION: The prospect African market will be an innovative model of social enterprise and sustainable community development, providing economic benefits to the African communities whilst building connections between Africans and the wider community. It will be a vibrant, energetic display that celebrates African culture, offering ‘a taste of Africa’ through African goods, crafts, food and beverages, textiles, drama and music .


The picture  shows a common picture you would see on Fridays evening of the African twilight Market.



1.    To conduct an African market during daylight saving at the Prospect Plaza

2.    To begin the market with 10-12 stalls, and no more than 19

3.    To train stall holders in Business and Safety requirements

4.    To identify which legislation we need to comply with and any associated training

5.    Source additional funding

6.    Employ a project manager

7.    To continue meeting fortnightly

8.    To set up a roster for performers

9.    To identify and develop ways of paying performers

10. To promote the market to the wider community, to set up a promotional plan

11. To create a marketing/business plan

12. To integrate into market planning and structure, social enterprise and sustainability strategies

13. To keep food simple, low risk, with variety (ideas include corn, cassava, chapatti, mandazi etc)

14. To build partnerships with local communities and businesses.

Stall holders at this marked are diverse; Africans and non-Africans. However the non-Africans have a strong bond with Africa. Here is just a bit of stories from a few:

Team Vista

Team Vista has a stall at the African Twilight Market.  We are an Adelaide based Not for Profit organisation that supports a community in Tanzania, East Africa.  We sell products made by our Women’s Empowerment groups in Tanzania, such as handmade bags, skirts and jewellery.  100% of the profits go back to the community in Tanzania to provide education and health care to children most in need.  All products are purchased from the women at Fair Trade prices.

Our vision for the African Twilight Market is for it to become bigger and attract more of a crowd each week, supporting local African musicians and the local African community living in Adelaide.  We are very proud to be associated with this wonderful market and hope that it continues for many years to come.  David Malinda has been the main driver of the market and works tirelessly each week to bring it all together, we are very lucky to have someone like David in Adelaide.

Sleepy Giraffe

Suzanne Phillips makes home wares and jewellery made from African fabric. Primarily using khangas (traditional fabric from East Africa that feature a saying/quote in Swahili), purchased in Mombasa and Nairobi, Kenya. As well as fabric purchased in Rwanda, when visiting my World Vision sponsor child. All the fabric has been sourced on my many trips to Kenya, when holidaying and visiting friends. Going through the piles of brightly coloured fabric, selecting my favourite designs, bargaining on the price, and wishing I could buy more, has always been a highlight of my trips to Kenya. After this experience, I then started making cushions and wall hangings for myself, and thought it would be great to share these great fabric designs with my family and friends, and turn it into a small business.

The African Twilight Market has given me the opportunity to share my experience of East Africa through the colours and designs of my products with the local community, as well as giving me an little extra pocket money to maintain my child sponsorship payments. My vision for the market is that it continues to grow, and show the diversity of all the different cultures throughout Africa, and share this with the community who may not have a chance to visit Africa for themselves.


Carole Malinda

I support Fred hollow’s foundation, Christian Blind Mission, Salvation Army, Leprosy Mission, and International Animal Welfare Fund. This is in addition to supporting craft and jewellery makers in Kenya where I get my stuff from.


Caroline Secker

My name is Caroline Secker and I am delighted that I have a stall at the Twilight African Market every Friday in daylight saving time. I love being surrounded by African arts and crafts, foods and music, peoples and stories. My great joy has been having visits to Kenya and dong some volunteer work at RANGALA BABY ORPHANAGE. The proceeds of my stall go to this orphanage and they appreciate my effort to help them. I appreciate the opportunity to raise funds at this stall. The Market is organised and supported by David Malinda. We would not be able to do it without his generous amount of work and good ideas.


Margaret Hess

Initially I commenced a project to help underprivileged women in Bangladesh in 2001. In 2010, after visiting Africa, I felt by nature to start working with Youth and women in South Africa and Tanzania, knowing that the African twilight market was developing in Adelaide. This gave me confidence to encourage youth in Africa to source the type of product which would be of interest to Australians who have interest in Africa and which would also encourage people from Africa already living in Adelaide to peruse their own interest in business. One young man in Tanzania has been able to start his own chicken business which impacts on his own extended family. Other achievements encourage me to work closely with African Twilight Market. Please visit African Twilight Market facebook for more information. Alternatively, visit African community Organisation Website ( to learn more of this incredible organisation.


Africans in ATM

Most of the rest of stall holders are Africans trying to learn microenterprise so that they can start their own businesses. The business training program which is started on 6th April 2013 conducted by Learning Potential International Pty Ltd and funded by SA government in Adelaide is going to be of immense  benefit for those Africans who attend.


Compiled by David Malinda

President African Community Organisation of SA (ACOSA)